Monofilament Extrusion

The versatile applications for monofilament ranges from household brushes, dane line ropes, agricultural nets, high strength geotextiles for land protection, fishing net and fishing line for deep- sea fishery, or even innovative fiber for particular weaving purpose.

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- Coating Line -


Raw Material:glass fiber coating, PET multifilament/monofilament coating, carbon fiber coated with TEFLON, dynema coated with TPU, bio-degradable material coating; discuss with us if other material
Filament Diameter:0.10mm – 0.15mm or above
Extruding Capacity:90 kgs/hr maximum
Production Line Speed:1000 – 1200 M/min. maximum
Maximum Speed of Automatic Dosing Winder:1250 M/min
Application:curtain/shades, functional mattress, table mat, apparel fabrics...


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